Flying solo? Everything you need to know!

Posted by Manoj Kadam 22/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Travel accessories,

Travelling solo can be the ultimate in self-gratification; you can rest when you want and roam around when you’re feeling go-getting. One beautiful thing about solo travelling is that your achievements are your own, and your mistakes are your own, everything is more exciting. People also want the luxury of their own terms and living on their own roster. 


Make your trip of discovery and growth easier here’s a few common-sense rules:


1. Plan in advance: Do advance planning. Book your hotel, guest room, before you leave. So many websites have reviews and images and the locality it’s in, so you can see which area is safe. 


2. Packing light: Always carry-on essential travel accessories like dry tissues, Travel sling bag, travel toiletry kit, eye shades or eye mask etc. so you can manage your baggage by yourself. 


3. Try to arrive on daytime: Plan to reach during the daylight so you will find easy your way through a strange city. 


4. Connect with others: Mix with other fellow travelers. The lounges of hotels are great place to meet temporary friends also take some superb travel advice.


5. Open up: learn how to talk to unknowns. Smile and start discussion. Be interested and ask flexible questions and addition questions. 


6. Enjoy yourself: Go out and grab a seat at pubs and bars. Go to the theatre and concerts. It is all allowed solo. 


7. Store important items in document organiser: keep your most important items like passport, visa and wallet etc. in document organiser.


8. Take advantage of technology: download the useful apps on your smartphones like a translator, a GPS, a currency converter and a travel guide.


9. Avoid dark streets: know the worth of being seen. A public place is always safer for solo travelers. 


10. Listen to your guts: Be alerts of your surroundings and listen to your instincts. If something does not seem fine, then get out of there.

Have you travelled solo? Post your advice, comments and experience below!

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