Different types of Pillows for Every Need

Posted by Manoj Kadam 09/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

Using the right pillow for both support and comfort can make a major difference in relieving or avoiding neck pain or back pain, also getting a great night’s sleep.


Pillows are available in different sizes and shapes. These are some of the very common types of pillow and their uses:


Wedge pillows: People who had a back surgery and those with chronic back are often use wedge pillows to recover from pain and finds comfortable. Wedge pillows recreate the adjustable position in bed. Two-piece wedge pillows gives a similar raised position for the legs and upper body.


Travel pillows: U shaped travel pillows are created to maintain the proper head and neck alignment in any position. Perfect for long hours flights, camping, in the car or at home. And to save the space on the luggage bag buy an inflatable travel pillow or the U shape micro bead pillow.


Coccyx cushions: Coccyx cushion helps to reduce pressure and back pain by suspending your coccyx over the cut out section. The wedge design helps tilt the pelvis slightly forward to regain the natural shape of the backbone.  Those who have suffered a broken or hurt tailbone may require this type of pillow. 


Lumbar support pillow: A lumbar support pillow is especially support the back to relieve back pain and fills the gap between the lower spine and the chair to maintain the position. Can easily use at home, offices or in the car.


We hope this helped you select the right pillow for you while travelling. Please share this with your friends so they can get a good night’s sleep also. 

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