Advantages of using Cervical Pillow!

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After hard day at work, your body definitely requires some rest. But the problems are not ending in the comfort of the bed because most people ignore the fact that the neck and the spine requires a special position when lying. So for neck pain, most of us find problem with sleeping and the next day become sluggish. The solution of this problem is using the Cervical Pillow which helps the neck to be correctly align and reduce the pain and helps in peaceful sleep. 


Cervical pillow is generally made with memory foam, which is excellent at reducing the pain around the head and neck. Memory foam cervical pillow provides excellent ergonomic support and a great night’s sleep. 
Pro tip- Choose the right cervical pillow for you, based on how you sleep according to personal preferences.   


The different types of cervical pillows are: 


Cradle pillow: This kind of pillow distributes the weight of your head with the aim of lessening the pressure on your head and neck. It is also great for proper breathing position and avoiding snoring.    


Side pillows: Side pillows have a curved edge that is lower in the middle and higher on the side. Generally people use this pillow to make proper neck alignment. Side pillows support the upper vertebrae because of the front edge is titled forward. This curve also provides space for your shoulders and gives extra comfort.


Neck pillows: Neck pillows are crafted to give support to the curve of neck and best for side sleeping and back sleeping people. Neck pillows come in a number of sizes to provide comfort to a different body types.


Comfort pillows: Comfort pillows are more like common pillows in their shape and feel. Perfect for people who wants that kind of support. These pillow provide better ergonomic support than a traditional pillow. 


Cervical Rolls: Cervical rolls can be used for several body parts: under the head (for superior back alignment), under the head, for the knees (generally use for lower back problems) and the lumbar support region.


Before buying a cervical pillow, you should know what type of pillow is correct for you as you want all the benefits that these pillows offer. If you are a side sleeper, you’ll feel relax from cervical rolls, side pillows and neck pillows. People with back sleepers should try neck pillows, cradle pillows and comfort pillows. Keep in mind, which ever pillow you choose, avoid purchasing a pillow that is too large or too small as that may less the pillow’s ability to give the support you want.   

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